Ma Nouvelle Vie: In Which I List Some Observations, Opinions, Happenings, et Cetera About my First Week

  • I think I’ve figured out the key to the Ann Arbor street crossing: don’t look at the drivers and walk really fast. I’ve had a few scary crossings but no one has honked at me yet and hey, I’m still alive, aren’t I? With that in mind I’m doing okay.
  • Going to the diag and counting how many people step on the M is a lot more amusing than it sounds. I especially loved it when two families with young children posed for photos while standing on it withing half an hour of each other. I hope their kids don’t go here when they’re older because they just screwed themselves over. Or maybe I’m just really easily entertained.
  • Definitions of “free food” vary from event to event. There were a couple for which I set my expectations too high and was disappointed. Then there were other times when I showed up and all the food was gone.
  • I’m even worse with names than I thought I was. “Hey, I know that we’ve met, but give me a refresher!”
  • One unforeseen problem with living in the newly remodeled residence hall is all the outsiders who show up at mealtimes. It gets ridiculously crowded in there. Please stop it.
  • I think I’ve gotten more guys’ phone numbers during my week here than I have my entire life in Adrian. That’s not saying very much but it’s still worth pointing out.
  • The fire alarm went off on move-in day and woke us up for the first day of classes. Both the most inopportune times possible. Coincidence? I think not. At least I’m glad I was not in the shower either time and I had the common sense to grab my room key on the way out. Some of my neighbors were not as fortunate.
  • Deciding what to wear each day is a serious struggle. In high school I usually tried to look decent for school, but when you LIVE at school that’s not always easy. This is especially true since I never seem to know everything I’ll do any given day.
  • If whoever is in charge of fixing the student ID scanners on the stairwells is reading this an you please fix the one I liked to use to get from the dining hall to my room? It doesn’t seem to believe that I should be granted access to the floor where I live.
  • Since I grew up in a town with a lot of older people I think it’s pretty cool to walk in an area that’s technically off campus and see mostly people who are close to my age. Again, this might be because I’m easily entertained.
  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who briefly considered copying Sheldon’s roommate agreement as a joke but then realized that would take more effort than actually filling out a roommate agreement.
  • Anyone who read my last post knows that I recently fulfilled my longtime goal of using the word fêtard  in a sentence. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the French word for partier. A friend of mine discovered the word while we were working on a group project in my French 3 class and we all found it absolutely hilarious. However, until recently I never had a solid reason to use it in conversation. This gives me more joy than it should.
  • The idea of losing my M-Card is significantly more frightening than the idea of losing my phone.
  • I already have an unhealthy number of flyers reminding me about the first meetings for various student organizations. They weren’t lying when they said that would happen. It doesn’t help that this school has a club for almost everything one could possibly imagine and they all can’t wait for you to join! The level of seriousness which I consider joining these varies greatly. There were some that I had already planned on joining, others that I had not heard of but sounded interesting when the representatives talked about them, some that really weren’t that interesting but I wanted to be polite, and even one that did not actually interest me at all but for which I took a flyer because the guy at the booth was cute. And now I wait for the flood of e-mails.
  • Speaking of club meetings, I went to the one for people interested in participating in a student-produced production of Rent, the musical. When I arrived I saw that everyone and their mom had showed up when there are 16 spots for cast members. Though the director assured us that the troupe is an equal-opportunity caster, this female freshman non-theater major is feeling the pressure. I audition on Friday and I need all the luck I can get.
  • However, because my good luck charm broke on my second day here, that may be in short supply. I wore my necklace that represents the Felix Felicus potion from Harry Potter in hopes that it would bring me bonne courage when I would appeal to a professor to switch me to a higher level French class. I attended the student activity of the night thrilled that it had worked only to have the charm break free from its chain and shatter on the floor in a puff of gold glitter. Since the timing of this catastrophe was far too poetic to be insignificant I am not sure whether this is a negative omen or God’s way of telling me that I can make my own luck now.
  • I like Doctor Who now. This could be a topic for a future post when I’m less of a newb to being a fan of the show. Thanks to Netflix and the free time that I had during the day before classes started I got through the first season in three days. If you’ve never seen it you might wanna fix that.
  • Recently the account for some French indie band called The Human ET started following me on Twitter. I’m not sure how they found me but I’m glad they did because they’re pretty cool. From what I could see most of their songs are in English, so don’t be intimidated if you’re one of my friends who don’t speak French.
  • Go Blue!
  • fetard (

6 thoughts on “Ma Nouvelle Vie: In Which I List Some Observations, Opinions, Happenings, et Cetera About my First Week

  1. I’m currently following another blogger in Ann Arbor, Let me find the link and I’ll drop it here for you. And what’s the deal with the “M”? Seems like something I should know being I’m from the Big High Five too.

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