Je Sens Mieux: In Which I Share Some of the Stuff I’ve Heard on Campus

Walking the other way while I was passing the arch:

Girl: The highest paid prostitutes are paid more than the lowest paid architects.

Guy: Then why don’t you just be a prostitute?

Near the entrance of my dorm:

What’s the difference between a vest and a cardigan?

At JavaBlu:

Not being in a sorority must be terrible.

Outside after the fire alarm went off:

Is it bad that I joined a feminist group because I want to meet a girl?

In the dining hall:

Guy: Do you know any French people?

Me: Yeah. There’s actually one who goes here.

Guy: Is his name Jacques?

Me: Um, no…

Guy: He probably lied to you. His name is probably Jacques.

Also in the dining hall:

I just now figured out that in The Sound of Music that they’re running away from Nazis. I thought at the end they just wanted to travel.

On the bus:

But why would you want to get your dog spayed or neutered? It’s SO MEAN not to let them have babies!


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