Proche D’hiver: In Which I Share Some Thoughts Related to the Season

  • This is how it works now: I go outside, I do whatever I need to do outside, I go back inside, I consume a hot beverage.
  • The level of bundled up that another student is directly correlates to the climate of the area where they are originally from. It’s easy to spot those from southern states by their uncomfortable expressions despite the fact that they are much more bundled up than most people walking by.
  • I can’t stand walking through piles of wet fallen leaves after it rains. They make me sad.
  • Oh yeah and there was a tornado scare today. No biggie.
  • And did I mention that tons of people have been getting mono for a while? Most of them who I know have caught it live in my dorm. That’s not scary at all.
  • With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I have already started trying to decide on some College Stories to tell my extended family. And anticipating getting asked what my major is, if I have a boyfriend, how I like my roommate, and what my hardest class is, several times. But I miss them, so it’ll still be fun.
  • We started our last grammar unit in French class. The proficiency exam keeps inching closer and it even though it still doesn’t quite feel real, the pressure does.

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