Mais Pas Tous Les Mots: In Which I Write About Some of my Least Favorite Words


Veggie- Yeah, let’s all laugh at the irony of the fact that a transitioning vegetarian hates this word. I have no problem with the word “vegetable” but this abbreviation just doesn’t like to come out of my mouth.

Retarded- I dislike the way this word sounds just as much as, if not more than, I dislike the way people use it.

Fandom- Though I am a fan of many things, I do not typically describe myself as a member of any “fandom” because it’s a stupid word and call me snobby but I like to discuss things I like with other people who like them without getting into arguments ships and head canons. Maybe this should be a topic for a future post.

Foodie: It just sounds pretentious. 


Connaisseur- pour la plupart je déteste quand ce mot est utilisé en Anglais car on ne peut pas le prononcer.

Mondialisation- c’est difficile à dire et je dois l’utilisé tout le temps dans ma classe maintenant.

Laïc- Le combinaison des sondages de a et i ne sont pas bons ensemble dans ma tête.



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