Les Choses Intéressantes: In Which I Keep my Promise About Elaborating More on the “Fandom” Thing


If you read my last post you saw that this was one of the four least favorite English words I listed. Because I am a fan of many things and I have several friends who are fans of things it is a word I hear often. In case anyone reading this, the word usually refers to the collective group of people who identify as fans of something. Though I do enjoy several aspects of having group discussions with people who are fans of the same things as I am, when these conversations take place online or with certain people, several things happen that make me uneasy. Someone is probably going to think I’m a snob for pointing all of this out, but I’ll try to keep it civil as possible.

  1.  Shipping. This is when people like the idea of two characters as a couple, whether the author originally wrote it that way or not. Think the people who insist that Marius and Eponine should have been together in Les Misérables or that Harry and Hermione should have been a couple at the end of their series. This activity often comes with slews of fanfictions about their romances, drawings of these characters naked in bed, and other similar creative works. It can get extremely annoying, especially when there is absolutely no reason why these characters would be compatible. For example, I could have gone my whole life without knowing that some people think that Harry Potter should have had relations with Snape. No, I’m serious. That’s a thing.
  2. People throw around the phrase, “How it should have ended.” Even if you would have liked a different ending, that does not give you license to imply that you know better than the author.
  3. Picking apart tiny details about film adaptations instead of focusing on the bigger pictures like how the actor actually plays the character or taking into account that some things simply can’t translate to film. For example, one of my classmates recently got into a rant about how the reason why she hates the Harry Potter adaptations is because they didn’t give Daniel Radcliffe green contacts. Yes, this was an error, but that is a completely trivial reason to dismiss the adaptations. Then there are the people who freaked our abut the casting of Rue in Hunger Games because they didn’t think she was supposed to be black. That’s just an example of ignorance because I’m pretty sure that dark skin and course hair clearly implies her racial composition.
  4. I swear to god if I see one more photo collage of the actors from the most recent Les Misérables movie from random photo shoots wearing clothes that have nothing to do with their characters labeled “Modern Barricade Boys”…
  5. That goes for almost any joke that anyone can make about that particular book. It’s just too special to me and that’s why I choose to stay away from the online fan presence in favor of face to face conversations with people who are either on my level or respect my level.
  6. Oh, you’re a young adult who likes Disney? Please tell me all about how you’re still a child at heart and how special that makes you.
  7. Yes, I also adore David Tennant’s interpretation in Doctor Who and Rose (Billie Piper) as his companion, but some people are SO ANNOYING about their preference of those actors/characters.
  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel sorry for Snape? I mean, come on, his childhood love interest lost does not excuse the entirety of his behavior.

2 thoughts on “Les Choses Intéressantes: In Which I Keep my Promise About Elaborating More on the “Fandom” Thing

  1. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but I enjoy Matt Smith, too, and Rose just annoys me. River Song is way better. 🙂

    And I don’t feel sorry for Snape, either. His actions were a really crappy reaction to losing a girl.

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