Merci: In Which I Name Some Things I’m Thankful for

Wow, I really fell off the wagon with the NaBloPoMo challenge, didn’t I? Between tackling a larger-than-usual pile of homework, my job, the arrival of winter, and the Doctor Who special some stuff happened. Anyway, this year is probably the most excited I’ve ever been about Thanksgiving. Going home, sleeping, seeing my cats, homemade food, actually talking to my family members instead of texting, and of course the holiday itself. In the spirit of the season, today I will name a few things that have earned my thanks.

  1. The opportunity to be here- I have almost finished off my first semester at a school that academically challenges me, where students are much more accepting than they were in high school, in an exciting city with a nice change of pace from where I grew up, and that elicits a “you must be really smart” reaction when I tell people that I go there.
  2. My new friends- From the loving and diverse members of the LGBT Issues Commission to the girls of my writing seminar who share in whining about how this class was NOT what we signed up for to my fellow French students who share my favorite skill that I have to the passionate activists in College Democrats, I’ve found a real mixed bag of good qualities. 
  3. My family- After being away from them, I’ve come to appreciate how fortunate I’ve been to grow up with a supportive family who can always have a good time when we get together.
  4. My job- I make sandwiches with some nice people. It can get exhausting but I’m making money and it could be worse. 
  5. You, my readers- Because of the increase in readership that I’ve experienced recently, I have stopped including the phrase, “But only a couple of my friends and family members actually read it,” in conversations about my blog. I love all the positive feedback that I’ve gotten recently. You lot are great. Tell your friends! 

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