C’est la Saison: In Which I Share Some Thanksgiving Break Happenings

You know that your idea of home has changed when you arrive at your house and your parents have to move the table and get another chair so you can have a spot for dinner.

Much to my surprise, only one of my aunts asked if I have a boyfriend yet. The answer is the same as it has been for the past 18.5 years: no. But still, the fact that I didn’t exactly get crap about it is a pretty big accomplishment.

Some more “what is an adult?” questioning revolved around the discussion of whether to include my older cousins in the kids’ or adults’ gift exchange pool. This was one of the few recent incidents when I was still considered firmly in the kids’ category.

I could have done without my parents’ and sister’s comments about how late I slept. Hey, it’s not my fault that my world starts later than theirs!

Before winter break I should make little cards that say “School is going well. I’m planning to major in French and International Studies. I can go into diplomacy or human rights work with that. I’m having fun in Ann Arbor,” so I can hand them out whenever I see anyone I know. Even if they do genuinely care I don’t enjoy having the same small talk over and over again.

My dad officiated a high school state championship football game at Ford Field on Friday night. I had never seen him that excited about something before and I’m glad I was home to be part of it. Since both teams were from unfamiliar schools we just cheered when either scored and made fun of the fans.

On a related note, due to my college kid status the high school football players looked significantly more like scrubby kids than I remembered the jocks from my own high school looking last year.

Today before I headed back I got a tiny artificial Christmas tree with tiny bulbs, a string of rainbow lights, and some cute little snowmen to stick on the windows for the dorm. A little festivity may be just what I need to get through finals.


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