L’opinion d’un Expert: In Which I Get up on my Soap Box About the Phil Robertson Thing

Since it seems that everyone is qualified to have an expert opinion on the Duck Dynasty thing, I figure I might as well share mine. With as much as the internet has been buzzing about the racist and homophobic comments that Phil Robertson made in an interview with GQ Magazine, I’ll spare you the reiteration of the ignorance he spewed. I’ve never watched the show and frankly it looks like a waste of time. The dude’s opinion itself, therefore, means absolutely nothing to me though I obviously strongly disagree with it.

I do, however, have a problem with the number of people who have rushed to this public figure’s defense. I got so fed up with the  clamor about A&E breaching Robertson’s First Amendment Rights by suspending him from their network that I hid every person who made such a comment on Facebook from my news feed. Excuse me, is A&E the government? Was he arrested over his comments? NO, so the First Amendment is completely intact here. I even saw one former high school classmate claim that this was an example of Christian persecution. Yeah, please tell me more about how this guy is getting persecuted by facing the consequences of violating his employment contract when LGBT people are still not protected against workplace discrimination in the US and are systematically killed in counties like Uganda. Not to mention, implying that black people were happy before the Civil Rights Movement is real rich coming from a white dude when in the 21st century non-stereotyped representations of black people in the media remain difficult to come by and stop-and-frisk policies lead to frequent arrests of completely innocent members of this ethnic group. But yeah, white straight Christian male, you’re TOTALLY the victim here.

Unfortunately many of the family members with whom I am spending the holidays are fans of the show.  Because of these comments, my first holiday season home from my liberal college town has already created some uncomfortable conversations. My mom has assured me that she’ll take my side if political arguments of any kind break out at the Christmas dinner table, but I’m still a bit worried. I wish the best of luck to any of my friends and readers who are returning to family environments that are far more hostile than mine.


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