The Michigan Difference: This University Does Not Care About You

Since I’m not exactly qualified to write about it, here’s a piece that a friend of mine wrote about efforts for social change at my school and the response or lack thereof from the administration.

Student Union of Michigan

Recent struggles against Administrative Services Transformation (AST), also known as Shared Services, have unveiled the true relationship between the upper administration and everyone else at the University of Michigan.

AST is, according to the administration, a miraculous process of reforming the finance and human resources departments (these are the areas they plan to start out with; others will inevitably follow) in order to make it more efficient and less costly. It is, in reality, a nonsensical attempt at efficiency that is equivalent to chopping off an arm to lose weight.

The information released by the university about AST is not only incomplete but also dubious to say the least. Initially claiming that AST would save the university some $17 million a year, the administration quickly changed its tune to about $5 million a year., while completely leaving out of these calculations the millions in consultation fees and rent…

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