It Doesn’t Just Happen to Other Girls

*Content warning: this post discusses abortion and rape. It will also contain foul language because I am fucking pissed and scared shitless.

In December my home state of Michigan shocked women all over the country with a bill that would ban abortion coverage by insurance companies all over the state. Even in cases of rape and incest, the procedure would not be covered unless women and employers purchase a separate abortion rider. Today, this bill was passed into law and it absolutely scares the shit out of me.

“But Lauren, why does this scare you? You’d never get an abortion would you?”
I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader! You see, this law demonstrates a clear misunderstanding of abortion by the fuckheads who proposed it! You see, it’s not something that women can really decide whether or not they would get until they’re in a situation when it’s in their best interest. Sure, I hope that I would never get one, but if history has taught us anything it’s that shit happens. I could get raped. I could have a medical condition that could cause having the child to kill me. My child could have a developmental disorder that would give them nothing but a short and painful life. This is real life, y’all. This isn’t some fake world where scary shit only happens to other people. It’s that delusion that causes people to claim that rape pregnancies are a “gift from God”, that a woman should sacrifice herself so the baby can live, or that every fetus should have a chance to live, even if they experience nothing but pain. It’s easy to spin that bullshit when you think it will never happen to you. Under this law, every woman in Michigan has to decide whether or not she would ever have an abortion. If she either can’t or doesn’t want to spend the extra money for her right to cross that bridge when she gets there, she is fucked over.

I, for one, am not delusional. 1 in 3 women gets an abortion in her lifetime for various reasons. Some of my friends have been raped and I myself have narrowly avoided a rape attempt. It is not something that one can prepare for ahead of time. It is not something that happens to other people and fuck you, Michigan legislators for your unfuckingbelievable disregard for women.


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