Tell Me One More Time That Male Entitlement Isn’t Real! I Dare You!

In case you missed it, two days ago some sexually frustrated 22-year-old asshole in Isla Vista, California decided to go on a killing spree to “get revenge on women for depriving him of sex” after posting YouTube videos describing his hatred for the female population and his plans for a “day of retribution” in disturbing detail. Yes, you read that correctly. Some women didn’t want to have sex with a dude and he thought that shooting them and several other people would be an appropriate response. Six people died and thirteen people were injured. Every one of them had an identity, a future. and people who loved them who are grieving their loss. This tragedy is the product of a world that produces many others like a boy who stabbed a girl to death for refusing to go to prom with him and women every day around the world getting acid thrown at their faces for refusing marriage proposals. This was clearly not, as many people often theorize after mass killings, just a mentally ill person who didn’t get treatment and suddenly flew off the handle. It was a boiling pot of several different factors (many of which no one can really know) with pure unadulterated misogyny as the main ingredient.

As if this tragedy weren’t disturbing enough, Friendzone Dudebros of the Internet TM are coming out in droves to defend this fuckwit. They’re taking to public forums to insist that this shooting should “be a lesson to females about how much rejection hurts” and that “this is why girls shouldn’t friendzone nice guys.” I’ve seen self-proclaimed Men’s Rights Activists spew bullshit day after day ever since I started using social media sites, but these reactions are proof that more men than we like to acknowledge think it is not only acceptable but worthy of praise to kill a woman because she doesn’t want your dick. That scares me even more than the “rape insurance” law I ranted about a while ago. I also can’t get over the fact that these fucktrumpets have their heads so far up their asses that they think women never experience unrequited sexual/romantic feelings. Take it from the reigning queen of having crushes on the wrong people at the wrong times: it hurts for us too. Except one thing that I’ve noticed is that when a girl is rejected by a boy, she thinks something is wrong with her, but when a boy is rejected by a girl he thinks something is wrong with the girl or, in some cases, girls as an entire group. However, most human beings, no matter what gender, can grow the fuck up and find ways to deal with their sexual frustration without shooting people! And can we talk about the fact that these dudebros referred to the shooter as a “nice guy”? I thought this was pretty self-evident, but nice guys don’t go on killing sprees and maybe all these women who rejected him did it because they could tell that he was a narcissistic, violent, and revoltingly sexist pile of pond scum shortly after meeting him.

This tragic event not only ended the lives of six people, but served as a cruel reminder to the world that far too many men think that women who don’t want them deserve to die. Tell me one more time that men feeling entitled to women is just something that feminists make up. I dare you! This is just a recent and blatant example of the many occasions when people die from it! I hope with all my heart that some day our world will raise men who see women as human beings who have both the ability and the right to make their own choices. That someday men will not be angry about their own lack of sexual experience and women will not be convinced that they are worthless if they have sexual experience. That violence against women simply for being women will be as unthinkable as eating babies. That the layers upon layers of victim blaming that exist in every aspect of our culture will someday be stripped away. That events like this will never happen again.


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